September 12, 2017

Farinas Community Club

Do you struggle to attract the right audience?

Do you feel like no one’s following you but your family and your best friend?

Do you struggle to run your business?


What is Farinas Community Club?

Farinas Community Club is an online marketing community created exclusively for entrepreneurs like you!

So much of the marketing advices out there is geared towards large businesses with huge budgets and a dedicated marketing team, and trying to apply those strategies to a one-person operation can be quite frustrating.

Farinas Community Club team keep an eye on marketing trends and tools, filters out the information that’s relevant to you, and delivers it in organized bite-size pieces.

How does it work?

When you join one of Farinas courses either online or offline, you become immediately a member at Farinas Community Club. check our course:


Marketing strategy course

Membership in a private Facebook group. Group activities include online discussions and live chats with your Farinas community club team and other members as well cross-promotional opportunities.

You will be able to meet Farinas Community Club team at least one time every quarter at Farinas community club event.

As a member, you will receive big discounts on other courses,events..etc that will be introduced by Farinas.

How much does it cost?

Your Membership is FREE when you joined any course of Farinas.

For any inquires:
Contact us :