May 30, 2018

Farinas Program

 Together we will support you to build your professional career

Farinas program is targeting fresh graduates and undergraduates  and linking them to start-ups for internship for at least 2 months. Through the following steps:


  1. Provide Pre-assessment test to fresh graduates to know their weaknesses points
    that need to be improved
  2. Select free soft skills course such as CV writing, job interview, job searching..etc
  3. Join 30 hours Marketing or Sales course
  4. Get 2 months Internship at one of the pioneer companies, most of them are paid internship
  5. Join Farinas Marketing Club (Mentor-ship and Networking )
  6. Get a job offer if they prove themselves during the internship period


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Hossam is an Engineer graduated from Cairo University, he finished his military services
with great hope to learn marketing. Hassam had searched in different resources and
places for marketing course until he reached Farinas Marketing Program. He meet the
team of Farinas – Marketing Services before he finished his military services within a week
and discussed his ambitions to learn marketing and work in the career of marketing ASAP.
He found Farinas Marketing program fulfils all his dreams
 Farinas Marketing program (LEARN.WORK.EARN) is targeting fresh graduates who
would like to build their marketing career such as Hossam through


a. Hossam did pre-assessment test to know his strength and weaknesses points
that need to be improved
b. Hossam has learned marketing fundamental and digital marketing in a
practical way and apply all what has learned through a project from the
first day of the program
c. He joined Farinas Marketing Club for mentorship and networking


a. An Internship is a great opportunity to practice what Hossam learned in the
b. He received many internships for making his choice according to which
business, which company , which culture he likes to has internship with
c. He signed a paid internship with salary more than the fees of the program


a. Hossam earned in the internship phase
b. He got a job offer with  triple the salary of the internship