August 20, 2017

Marketing strategy course

“Marketing Strategy” Online Course – احترف في التسويق

  • Are you student that would like to learn Marketing but you don’t have enough money to join a course?
  •  Are you student who eager to work in marketing job in future but you don’t know how to start?
  • Are you student who looking for challenged job but you are still searching?
  • Do you have business idea in your mind but you don’t know from where to begin?
  • Do you have real project /business but you don’t have enough customers to run your business?
  • Are you entrepreneur who need to know marketing in depth to run his/her business?
  • Do you like to work on Social media and gain a lot of money?                                                                                                                          If so, I’m inviting you to join my new Marketing Strategy Course – احترف في التسويق which has just launched on Udemy! The early reviews have been great.

Today, I’m offering Lifetime access to the course for 70% off. Be sure to take advantage of this discount while it lasts (through 31/8/2017)!

Here is where you can get your 70% off discount:

In this course, we’ll be covering:

  •  Industry & Environmental Analysis
  •  Target Market Selection
  •  Proposed Research Tools (Interviews, Survey,……)
  •  Consumer Analysis
  •  Competitive Analysis
  •  SWOT Analysis
  •  Problem Identification
  •  Marketing Objectives
  •  Marketing Strategies (Product Positioning& Branding, Pricing, Distribution management, Integrated Marketing Communications – IMC)
  •  Detailed Implementation Plan , Timeline & Budgeting

I put my best teaching methods to use in this course, so you’ll learn through a combination of video lessons delivered by me, real life examples and case studies, and supplemental material.

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